How to Order Capture Services

Log in to your Matterport account.

Click the Capture Services icon on the top navigation bar:


Capture Services is being rolled out city by city. If your city is not yet in network you can sign up for notifications of when we will be in your area. Sign Up for Notifications.

Your first time using the service you will see a 3 step process:


Click: Get Started to start your Capture Services order.

Next select Order on the right hand side:


Enter the location of the property to be scanned:


Enter some information about the property type and size:


NOTE: There is a size limit of 30,000 sq ft. Please contact Sales if your property is larger than that.

Select a start date and time:


Enter the site contact information (Who will the capture tech be meeting on the property?):


Review the final order page and select Confirm.

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