Capture Services FAQ

What is Capture Services?

Matterport Capture Services is a first of its kind online service through which customers can seamlessly order and receive Matterport digital twins for any property anywhere on the globe.  Matterport can provide professionally scanned  Matterport 3D digital twins, at scale, and derivative products to any customer who needs them on-demand. We are rolling out this program region by region.

What Regions Do You Support?

The supported regions are all within approximately 25 miles of the city center of each of the below cities in the United States

San Francisco, California

Tampa Bay, Florida San Antonio, Texas

San Jose, California

Jacksonville, Florida Dallas, Texas

Oakland, California

Orlando, Florida Fort Worth, Texas

Sacramento, California

Miami, Florida Austin, Texas

Irvine, California

Atlanta, Georgia Houston , Texas

Los Angeles, California

Boise, Idaho Seattle, Washington

Riverside, California

Chicago, Illinois Bellevue, Washington

San Diego, California

Newark, New Jersey Tacoma, Washington
Denver, Colorado New York City, New York Spokane, Washington
Boulder, Colorado Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  


Who are Matterport capture technicians? 

Capture technicians are an elite network of fully vetted and highly trained Matterport professionals that capture digital twins on behalf of our customers using Matterport Pro2 hardware. 

How long does it take to capture my space?

When you enter the details of your property we provide an estimated amount of time it will take for the capture to be completed.

When will I be charged for the service?

Customers are charged at Check Out for the service 

How will I be charged?

The credit card on file for your cloud account ( will be billed 

Who can place an order for Capture Services in the Matterport account?

The account owner and administrators will be able to order a capture 

What are the limitations and requirements for scanning a Property?

Customers may only execute one order for one property. If they need multiple properties scan they must generate an appointment for each of the properties.

What size property do you support?

Capture Services supports single properties up to 30,000 sq ft maximum.

How long does it take to capture? 

This is all dependent on the size of the space. Some properties can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the size. Once the property has been scanned by the capture technician it will take between 24 and 48 hours for the model to process and to be uploaded into your account. Please note very large models (over 10k sq ft may take longer to process).

How are the models transferred from capture technicians to customers?

  • Once a capture technician completes the job, they will mark it as complete
  • Our platform will then mark the job as complete and automatically transfer to the space the customer

How will I be notified my space is ready? 

Once the model is ready, you will be notified by email at the email address used for your Matterport account login.

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