How To Transfer Multiple Spaces Between Organizations

You can transfer multiple spaces between Matterport organizations at once. Customers that want to transfer multiple spaces in bulk will need to move them into a single holding folder and then transfer the holding folder to the recipient.

All the important notes for transferring a single space apply to multiple spaces transfers. Review the notes here before starting the transfer.


In the same way as single space transfer, folder transfer works in three simple steps:

  1. The original owner (giver) initiates spaces transfer from Matterport Cloud ( Matterport Cloud sends an automated email notifying the intended recipient.
  2. The recipient opens the email and logs in. They review details about the spaces and accept if desired.
  3. Matterport Cloud emails the giver notifying of a successful transfer.

Only admins can initiate a transfer (be the giver). However, the recipient can be any collaborator in the organization.

Giver Starts Folder Transfer

Open Matterport Cloud ( Locate the spaces you want to transfer and move them into a single folder.

The folder you wish to transfer can not contain subfolders

Once all spaces you need to transfer are in the same folder, click on the menu next to the folder (to the right) and select Transfer.


Enter the recipient’s email and then confirm you want to transfer. The message will show the number of spaces within the folder you are about to transfer.


The recipient will then receive an automated email from Matterport Cloud notifying them of the transfer request and will have 7 days to accept the transfer before it expires.

You will see the folder as ‘Pending transfer’ until the recipient accepts the transfer.


While the invite is still pending, anyone with Editor access can:

  1. Resend the invitation if the recipient missed the email.
  2. If you initiated the transfer to the wrong email, you can revoke your original invite by simply initiating transfer  to the correct email.
  3. Add, remove or modify any space in the folder.

When the recipient accepts the transfer, only the spaces in active state in the transfer folder will be transferred.

Recipient Accepts Folder Transfer

The receiver clicks the link in the automated email. They log in to Matterport Cloud ( if not already with the email to which they received the transfer request.


The receiver can then preview the spaces by clicking the arrow next to the number of spaces.


If the recipient is part of multiple Matterport organizations, they can choose which organization they want the space to go to.

Click Select Account to choose organization for the transfer.


Choose an account and click Accept to finalize the transfer.


Matterport Cloud will then automatically email the giver notifying them of the successful space transfer.

Troubleshoot Common Errors

Transfer option is not available

If you don’t see the ‘Transfer’ option in the menu next to the folder you wish to transfer, it can be due to several reasons.

  • Sender logged in as non-administrator. Only the account administrator can initiate the transfer. Check if you are logged in with the correct email. 
  • Option unavailable for your account. Folder transfer is currently available for select accounts only. Contact Support for help to transfer multiple spaces.

Error when attempting to transfer a folder

If you are getting an error when attempting to initiate the transfer, it can be due to several reasons.

  • Folder contains subfolders. Folders you wish to transfer can not contain subfolders. Make sure that all of your spaces are in a single folder without subfolders, and repeat an attempt.
  • Folder is empty. Transfer will not be allowed for an empty folder. Make sure that you are transferring the correct folder that contains active spaces.
  • All spaces within the folder are non-transferable. Non-transferable spaces cannot be transferred and will remain in the sender’s account.

Non-transferable spaces

Spaces that are not compliant with our Terms & Conditions, spaces that are archived and those in processing state can not be transferred. If the transferred folder contains non-transferable space, it will be skipped during the transfer and remain in the sender’s account.

Transfer exceeds receiving account’s Active Space Limit

In the same way as with transferring a single space, spaces transferred in bulk count towards the receiving account’s ASL (Active Space Limit). If the number of spaces exceeds the available hosting limit in the receiver’s account, the receiver will not be able to accept the transfer. The receiver can archive or remove spaces or upgrade their subscription to expand the number of spaces they can receive.

Spaces transfer FAQ

I don’t see ‘Transfer’ option in the drop-down next to the folder I want to transfer

If you don’t see ‘Transfer’ option next to the folder you wish to transfer, it can be due to several reasons. Click here to check if any of these reasons apply to you.

I have transferred spaces to another email, but the link expired before recipient accepted the transfer

If the recipient did not accept the transfer in time, the folder is reactivated in the giver’s account. You need to transfer the folder again.

I am seeing an error while attempting to transfer the folder

If you are getting an error while attempting to transfer the folder, it can be due to several reasons. Click here to check if any of these reasons apply to you.

I cannot select a recipient account to accept the transfer

If an account you wish to transfer spaces to has not enough active spaces left, it will not be available to select during the transfer acceptance. 

If you need to accept the transfer to this account, you need to archive, remove spaces or upgrade your account’s subscription to expand the number of spaces they can receive.

I’ve sent a folder with multiple spaces, but not all of my spaces were received

It could be because the recipient’s account went out of active spaces after the transfer was initiated, or because some spaces became non-transferable.

If the recipient’s account had enough active spaces before the transfer, but went out of spaces during the transfer, spaces that exceed the active limit are transferred in an archived state. Check your recipient’s account for the archived spaces.

If a space becomes non-transferable after the transfer was initiated, it is not transferred and stays in the sender’s account.

What happens to the add-ons after the transfer?

Add-ons are transferred together with the spaces in the state they are at the moment the transfer is accepted.

If an add-on was ready before the transfer, it is available to download immediately after the transfer.

If an add-on was in the processing state before the transfer was accepted, it is transferred in the processing state, and will become available to download after the processing is complete.

The account that ordered the add-on is charged for it. For example, Giver transferred a folder. One of the spaces in the folder had a MatterPak™ add-on ready to download and Schematic Floor Plan in the processing state. Giver’s account is charged for both add-ons. Recipient received the folder with the space with two add-ons: MatterPak™ ready for download and Floorplan in the processing state. Once Floorplan becomes ready, Recipient can download it. Recipient is not charged for any of the add-ons because they were ordered by the Giver.

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