How do I delete a space from Matterport Cloud? (

First, log in to Matterport Cloud ( You must be logged in as an Administrator.

If you have a Classic, Starter, Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan, reuploads are free of charge. 

Deleting a Single Space 

Find the space in Matterport Cloud (

Click the ellipses "..." button, then select Delete.  



Confirm that you really want to delete the space.Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_12.23.47.png

Really confirm that you want to delete. Remember that once deleted, the only way to get it back on your Cloud is to re-upload from Capture.



You can also delete a space directly from the Space Detail Page.

Important note: Be sure you want to delete the model - once it is deleted, it cannot be restored. 



Delete a Folder with Several Spaces

Deleting a folder will delete all spaces in that folder. This action CANNOT be undone.

From the main page of Matterport Cloud ( find the folder you want to delete. Click the ... button in that row and select Delete.


Confirm that you really want to delete that folder.


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