Joining a Beta for Matterport Capture

If you are trying a beta of Matterport Capture, you need to use TestFlight. TestFlight is an app from Apple to manage beta versions of iOS apps.


Install a Beta Version of Capture 

1) Take out your iPad and open the App Store. Search for "TestFlight" and install it.test-flight-logo.png

2) Fill out a form and tell us your iCloud email to register for the beta. The exact form depends on the specific beta we are running at the time. Please refer to the newsletter, announcement, or Matterport representative where you first learned about the beta.

To find your iCloud email, open Settings on your iPad and look in the top-left corner.

3) Wait until you get an email from TestFlight. Please allow two business days for us to manually add your email to the beta in TestFlight.

4) Open the TestFlight app and you will see a new version of Matterport Capture. Redeem the code from the email.

5) Install Matterport Capture from TestFlight.

Don't worry about the message that appears about losing your data. This is a generic message. All beta versions of the Matterport Capture app will keep your data intact.

No need to delete your previous installation of Capture -- TestFlight will install over it and keep your data.

For more information, read Testing Apps with TestFlight from Apple.


Return to a Production Version of Capture 

When the beta period is over (or if you want to return to a normal production version of Matterport Capture) open the App Store and search for Matterport Capture and install it.

The App Store listing will appear as if you do NOT have it installed, but it will install over the Test Flight version just fine. You will not receive app store updates to Capture while a Test Flight version is installed.

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