FAQ: Hosting Overages & Limits for Classic Plans

This article is specifically for customers with "Classic" in their subscription name. If you signed up with Matterport after May 9th, 2019, this article does not pertain to your subscription. Instead, please see the price list HERE.

Classic Cloud plan customers who exceed their hosting limits (specified by their cloud plans) will be billed for hosting overages, while newer subscribers simply don't have the option of exceeding their hosting limits on a monthly basis. In the interest of full disclosure, we gathered some common questions about how to identify your hosting limits, what you can do to stay within your limits, and much more. Check out the questions below.

How do I know what my hosting limit is? 

  1. Go to my.matterport.com/settings/account/usage, and log in.
  2. View Account Subscription Usage.
    • This page lists the amount of Spaces you are currently hosting, as well as the overall user count of your Spaces. 

What can I do if I've exceeded my hosting limit? 

If you've exceeded your hosting limits, you have three options, detailed below.

1. Pay the flat overage fee

  • $19.00 USD 
  • €18.00 EUR 
  • £16 GBP

This fee will allow you to host an additional 50 Matterport Spaces on your account - this is a recurring fee you will incur every month that you exceed your limit, and every time you add another block of 50 Spaces. These fees will be billed regardless of whether you are on a monthly or yearly plan. 

2. Delete Matterport Spaces

Delete Matterport Spaces you are no longer using to go back under the limit - we suggest deleting spaces that are re-uploads, duplicates, or spaces that have little to no views. Additionally, consider deleting small test models (i.e. models with only one to three scan positions). 

3. Upgrade your plan 

If you find that you're running into these limits frequently, it's probably worth considering an upgrade. 

  1. Go to my.matterport.com/settings/account/billing, and log in. 
  2. In the "Account" dropdown to the left, select "Billing". 
  3. In the window that opens, click "Change Plan". Screen_Shot_2019-07-17_at_12.53.28_PM.png
  4. Choose the plan that suits your needs, then click the blue "Next" button. 
  5. Enter your billing address. 
  6. Agree to Matterport's Terms of Sale. 
  7. Agree to Matterport's Terms of Use. 
  8. Click "Review Order". 

What if I cross my hosting limit in the middle of the month?

If you find that you've crossed your threshold in the middle of the month, this is actually a good thing - this gives you time to delete existing Matterport Spaces to fall back below your threshold. If you choose not to do this, you will be charged for every 50 Spaces that exceed your limit.

What is Matterport's billing policy? 

You will receive your Matterport bill on the first United States billing day of the month - that is, the first calendar day of the month at 00:00 UTC. This may be delayed if that particular day falls on a weekend or holiday.

Matterport charges for the following on a monthly basis: 

  1. Hosting for the month. 
  2. A-la-carte fees accrued from the previous month. 
  3. Overage hosting fees.
    • This is an a-la-carte item determined by how many Spaces exist in your account on the last day of the previous month.

Read more about how Matterport determines your bill.

Billing Examples 

  A. For New Cloud Plans 

Every tier of Matterport's Subscription Plans gives you the ability to host more Active Spaces and Users - so if you're using the Professional Plan and have an Active Spaces limit of 25, you will not be able to exceed this limit. Keep in mind, you can archive Spaces that aren't being used to fall below your limit thresholds. 

B. For Classic Cloud Plans 

If you already have a Classic Cloud Plan and reach your Space limit, you can continue to upload more Spaces but will charged an overage fee. You will be notified via email and warned accordingly when you surpass your monthly limit. 


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