How do I navigate inside a VR Space?

 Once you're inside a VR Space, you'll see the immersive 360º imagery and a set of blue circles.

Look left, right, up, down, and even behind you to see the space.

You will see a thin grey circle on your screen. As you look around, the circle will grow or shrink to demonstrate depth.

Move to a new spot by first lining up the grey circle on top of a blue circle. Wait a few seconds for the circle to change color. You will then move to that location where you can continue to look around more.

To quickly move around the VR Space, you can also hover over the blue circle and then tap the physical button on the side of the VR headset instead of waiting.

To exit the VR Space, look at the ground and hover over (or actively select) the eye icon.



Floorplan Navigation

For large VR spaces, floorplan navigation makes it quick and easy to jump around to different parts of the VR Space or move to a different floor.

Look at the ground and then hover over the View Floors icon.


Next hover your cursor over a blue circle on the floorplan. Wait a few seconds or tap the physical headset button and you will be transported there.


Transitions between locations are always fade-to-black, regardless of whether the VR Space is stereoscopic or not.

For VR Spaces with multiple floors, first open the floorplan and then select a floor on the right. The floorplan will change to show that floor.

  • Dark blue circle — The floor you are currently seeing in VR
  • Green circle — The floor shown on the floorplan map
  • Grey circles — Other floors in the VR Space

Select a blue circle on the floorplan to transport to that location.

The floorplan shows most but not all of the scan positions in the VR Space. Use the floorplan to move to one room or general area of the property. Once you’re there, select blue circles as normal to explore that area.


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