FAQ: Fast Capture Beta

Matterport is committed to help you scan and capture even more 3D Spaces. Now you can increase your ROI (return on investment) by scanning faster so you can spend less time onsite.

Fast capture is a firmware update for your Matterport camera that speeds up camera rotation, while still keeping the same 2D panorama image quality and 3D depth data quality. No additional equipment is required, and both Pro and Pro2 cameras can receive the update. You can easily revert back to the previous slower speed if desired.

With faster scanning, you can scan the same space in a fraction of the time. Saving time saves you money so you can get back to doing what you love.


Latest Updates

2/21/2018 - Public beta update, all customers who have signed up for the beta have been activated

1/10/2018 - Public beta started, limited release to select customers who signed up


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the beta?
  1. Fill out this form
  2. Update to the latest version of the Capture app (2.4.2). Learn how
  3. Please wait for us to go into the backend and enable for you. 
  4. Open Matterport Capture and sign in to Matterport Cloud over WiFi (internet).
  5. It may take several minutes to download the new firmware while connected to the Internet. You should see a red notification of new firmware if you have previously connected your camera to this iPad.
  6. Connect to your Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera over WiFi as normal. You will be prompted to install new firmware for the camera.
  7. Reconnect to the camera and start scanning!
How do I send feedback or report issues? What if I have a problem?
Email beta-firmware@matterport.com with any comments, issues, or suggestions.

If you experience any problems while scanning on-site, open Settings in the Capture app and switch back to normal scanning speed. Continue scanning the rest of the property as usual.

If you experience a problem with spaces that you have uploaded and are already processed, please email us.

Will this work for all Matterport cameras?
Yes, all Pro and Pro2 cameras can participate.
Will this affect the quality of the 2D or 3D data?
Nope! 2D panorama imagery quality and 3D data quality (Dollhouse View, point cloud and OBJ file) remain the same.
Will I require a new tripod, clamp, or other equipment?
Nope! You can continue to use all your current equipment. Because the camera spins faster, be careful so you don’t appear in the field of view of the camera. Remember, you can always preview the scan or delete it in the Capture app.


Can I revert back to the previous speed?
Yes, you can keep the current, slower speed if you prefer. Open the Capture app and go to Settings. Toggle off the “Enable Fast Rotation” setting.


This setting only appears when you are connected to a camera with fast capture firmware. It is enabled by default.

Will this wear down the camera? What if my camera is old or has been used a lot already?
We have performed lifecycle testing well beyond what is typical for camera usage and do not expect any issues at all. If you are still concerned, you can always revert back to the slower speed.
Do I need to upgrade my iPad?
A more modern iPad will generally align scans faster. Read a recent community post on this topic. Slower iPads may actually limit how fast you can scan a property.
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