FAQ: Matterport & BLK360 Integration


What is the Matterport/BLK360 integration?
The Leica BLK360 is a LIDAR-based scanner. It is exceptional in its small size and ease of use. Matterport, in partnership with Leica, has enabled the BLK360 to work with our immersive 3D platform so that the BLK360’s versatile capture abilities can be seamlessly integrated with the Matterport capture workflow.
How is the BLK360 different from Matterport’s Pro or Pro2 cameras?
The Leica BLK360 offers these advantages:
  • Exterior scanning, with full geometry-capture
  • Ability to scan further, with a range of well over 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Higher accuracy than Matterport devices (when scans are downloaded through the BLK360 app or Recap)
What is the BLK360 best suited for?
Matterport's integration with the Leica BLK360 is good for documenting properties where immersive 3D is valuable for showing exteriors and large interior spaces.

Matterport’s BLK360 support is good for documenting existing conditions for design, engineering and construction purposes. It makes it possible to record and measure conditions in large areas and sunlight spaces. It generates immersive 3D models are valuable to all participants in the design workflow. You can download a point cloud from Matterport Cloud or extract it directly from the BLK360 device. Learn more.

With the BLK360 and Pro/Pro2 cameras, Matterport can capture any space, regardless of size or lighting, faster than more expensive LIDAR-based devices. This makes it an ideal tool for documenting construction work in-progress. It can also be invaluable for recording facilities, manufacturing/industrial locations, and infrastructure for management and maintenance.

How do I purchase a Leica BLK360?
Do I need a Matterport subscription or camera?
In order to use the BLK360 with Matterport, you will need a Matterport subscription to host your models and edit, annotate, and more. If you already own a BLK360 and you are not a current Matterport customer, contact us for more details.

You do not need a Matterport camera to use the integration.  However, having both cameras will produce the best combination of efficient workflow and high-quality 3D spaces.

How much does it cost to process a BLK360 model in Matterport?
All models with at least one BLK360 scan will cost US $29 to process. Monthly free processing credits cannot be used on BLK360 Spaces.
Why would I want to use the BLK360 with Matterport?
The BLK360 used alone can capture almost any kind of space, including both building exteriors and interiors. With Matterport, spaces can be viewed in immersive 3D or VR so that users can view them interactively while designing, building, managing or selling/leasing a space.

Matterport Pro/Pro2 cameras can be used in the same project as the Leica BLK360. This makes it easy to scan smaller spaces quickly and obtain very high quality imagery. Scans from the two cameras are joined together seamlessly.

How do you use the BLK360 with Matterport?
The BLK360 can be used with the Matterport Capture app for iPad almost exactly as if it was a Matterport Pro/Pro2 Camera. Each time a scan is made with the BLK360, a square icon (rather than a circle for Pro/Pro2 camera scans) appears on the Minimap. You also have to set the HDR and Scan Density for the BLK360 when you scan. Read detailed instructions on how to scan.
When should I use the Leica BLK360 and when should I use a Matterport Pro/Pro2 camera?
The Pro/Pro2 cameras are best for capturing higher quality imagery, indoor use, and for scanning quickly.

The BLK360 can be used for building exteriors or interiors and is also good for capturing tall and wide-open spaces (some exterior scans may not have good Dollhouse Views). In addition, users can download dense/accurate point clouds from the BLK360 to other apps, such as Recap Pro. Learn how.

What new settings are available for the BLK360?
The BLK360 allows you to specify the HDR level for images (the amount of compensation for high contrast between light and dark areas) and the scan density level. Learn more about these settings

Matterport’s Pro cameras automatically do HDR compensation. Their standard scan density is similar to the “Medium” setting for the BLK360.
Why does it take so long to scan with the BLK360? Can I speed it up?
The BLK360 uses LIDAR laser technology that requires more time than the Matterport Pro cameras to capture. In addition, the HDR image processing is slower on the BLK360 than on the Pro/Pro2 camera. You can speed up scanning time by turning off HDR (resulting in lower image quality) and setting scan density to Low (not recommended: this may result in alignment issues or model anomalies).
How far apart can I scan with the BLK360?
The BLK360 can capture objects as far away as 150 feet (45 meters). However, scan positions must be closer than that to align. In an open area, it may be possible to place the BLK360 as far apart as 60 feet (18 meters) between scans.

However, this distance is lower when your space is crowded with lots of objects (especially close-up objects). It’s not unusual to have to scan less than 10 feet (3 meters) between locations in order to align scans in a crowded area.

Can I use the BLK360 upside down?
Yes, if you have an appropriate tripod.
Can I use the infrared feature of the BLK360?
Matterport does not currently support infrared imagery.
How do I get the point cloud so I can import into another program like Revit or AutoCAD?
You can get two types of point clouds when you use the BLK360 with Matterport - unstructured or structured.

1) Unstructured point cloud - One big point cloud with redundant points removed for efficiency. The Matterport Capture app automatically registers and aligns multiple individual scans. The density and accuracy of an exported point cloud is similar to a model captured with Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera alone. Learn more.

The unstructured point cloud is in .XYZ file format. You can get this file by downloading the Matterpak Bundle after your space has been processed in the cloud. If you import the XYZ files directly into a design app, it will come out monochrome. To import into an Autodesk design app and preserve color, open in Recap Pro and export in the native RCP/RCS format.

2) Structured point cloud - Many different point clouds, all downloaded from the BLK360 to an app such as Autodesk Recap Pro or Leica Register. Individual point clouds are semi-automatically registered, then adjusted manually. Density and accuracy depends on the setting you choose (Low/Medium/High) when you scan with the BLK360. A structured point cloud has many overlapping points, and the cloud can become very big, but each scan can be managed or edited individually. Learn more.

To download your very dense and accurate point clouds, you'll need to manually transfer the point cloud out of the BLK360 device. (Matterport Pro camera scans can not be downloaded in this manner, and so can not be part of a structured point cloud.) To do this, you can either use Recap Pro for Mobile or the Leica BLK360 app.

How can I get help from Leica directly?
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