New MSP Member Portal: Intro & FAQs

New MSP Member Portal

We’re proud to announce the release of our new MSP Member Portal. Our new and improved MSP Member Portal will be your one-stop shop to access program materials, view your leads, track your wins, and manage your MSP profile.

Active MSPs who have been a member of the program before October 2017 were activated on the new MSP Member Portal in mid-November. Active MSPs added to the program after October 2017 were activated mid-January 2018.

Please note that the old MSP Member Portal will no longer be available for use.



If you are the service location contact (you receive lead emails) on an active MSP account, Matterport will automatically generate a welcome email inviting you to log in to our new MSP Member Portal. Please check your spam folders. If you believe you are an active service location contact and haven’t received an invite, please contact us at

We can only offer one license (login) per service location.


Enablement Materials 

In the new MSP Member Portal, you can now access all the program materials in a streamlined, organized manner. Find exactly what you’re looking for with our search function and tagging capabilities. Become a true 3D expert with our cobranded sales, marketing, and other enablement materials to help you close more business.


View Scan Leads 

With the lead section in our new Member Portal, you can now view all leads sent by Matterport in one easy, centralized section. No need to sort through your email inbox or input leads into another program.

You’ll still receive introductory emails to new leads as normal, but now you can also view all the information about your Matterport-referred leads in one place for easy tracking.


Account Details

With the account details section in the new Member Portal, we are now empowering MSPs to be responsible for their own profile. Change your company information, add new service locations (when you buy a new camera), or update existing service locations -- all on your own through the Member Portal.

All updates are immediately changed in our system and synced to Salesforce in real time so they can be used in the matching algorithm that connects leads to MSPs.


Track Your Wins 

Matterport wants to better understand the quality of leads that we pass on to our MSP network. Currently, we match leads with MSPs and then we do not know how successful these leads were. In the new MSP Member Portal, MSPs can track wins they’ve won from leads that Matterport has referred to them. This help us at Matterport to “close the loop” on lead quality. By knowing more about who’s purchasing scan services, we here at Matterport can improve our lead generation efforts and drive higher quality business to everyone in our MSP network.

For submitting information about your wins, Matterport holds our MSP Member Portal users responsible for honest and accurate data input. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in program membership and eligibility interruption.

Future Improvements

Refer back to this article for updates. You can also email with any additional questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the new Member Portal?
You can access the new member portal at
I forgot my password.
To reset your password, please visit and select “Forgot Your Password.”
What is happening to the existing MSP Member Portal? 
All materials listed on the old MSP Member Portal have been successfully migrated to the new MSP Member Portal. We highly encourage all active MSP users to use the new portal for its enhanced security, functionality, and usability.
Will I still receive lead introduction emails?
Yes, everything will continue to run as normal in regards to the lead introductory emails. However, you can now log into the portal to see the matched service location, and keep a centralized list of all leads referred to you by Matterport.
I am an active service location contact and didn’t receive a welcome email to the new MSP Member Portal.
If you believe you are an active service location contact that did not receive an activation email, please email so we can activate you manually.
Are the new MSP Member Portal and Matterport Cloud ( the same log in? 
No. Your login information for your MSP Member Portal is activated based on the service location contact information we have in our database. These two portals and their login credentials are unique and not affiliated with one another.
Why are there no scan service leads in my MSP Member Portal?
We match MSPs based on local proximity to leads who come in requesting a scan service. Your lead volume can vary for many reasons, including:

Leads did not want a direct introduction, and instead opted to choose and contact an MSP on their own.

Other MSPs were closer to the lead.

Dense urban areas tend to request scan services more often than rural or suburban areas.

Why does Matterport currently match each scan service lead with up to 3 MSPs?
We have a few reasons why we match each scan service lead with up to 3 MSPs:

There is significant variability across MSPs, in terms of service offerings, availability, geography and pricing. By introducing leads with up to 3 MSPS in their area, we encourage each lead to potentially interact with a few MSPs so they can find the best match: based on budget, availability, geography, and turnaround time. A happy lead is one that will buy from you repeatedly, so the better the match, the better it is for everyone involved.

After surveying scan service leads, we found that many never connected with an MSP, so that is another reason we match with up to 3 local Service Partners. We encourage MSPs to be extremely responsive - a delayed reply can result in a lost sale. 

What will Matterport do with data submitted in the new MSP Member Portal?
To best serve our MSP community, Matterport needs accurate data to know what is happening in the market so we can target our marketing and messaging to help you win more. By enabling us to understand whether the leads we send through our network are turning into real business for you, we can fine-tune our demand generation to focus on the areas most valuable to our network. This is key in closing the loop on our ability to help drive scan business to you.
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