Deep Link to a Specific Location

Job sites you scan can be big. However, the issues you want to discuss can be small and very specific. If your space is very large or it looks very uniform (such as a construction site or a warehouse), then it can be hard to communicate exactly where the issue is. Deep links solve this problem.

A deep link is a URL you create that links to a specific location and viewpoint in a Matterport Space.

Deep links make it easier for you to point out things to others. When your colleague clicks on a deep link, it will open that Matterport Space and take them directly to a specific scan position and viewpoint. From here your colleague can pan/zoom and move to another scan position to see the issue from different angles.


Create a Deep Link

First, open a Matterport Space like normal. Try this one below:

Navigate to the scan position and the viewpoint where you see the issue.

Press the U key on your keyboard. You must open 3D Showcase on a desktop or laptop device (not a phone or tablet).


Click the "Copy" button to copy this long URL to your computer’s clipboard.

Paste this URL into an email or an online project management software such as Procore. You can also embed the link into an <iframe> if desired.

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