Mobile: Open in New Browser Tab

Mobile devices are small, so tab management in the mobile web browser is important.

Consider a normal user on a mobile device. They'll visit your webpage with an embedded 3D Space. They'll tap on the play button, which will open the Matterport Space in the same tab.

You can change this behavior by adding the &nt=1 URL parameter in your embed code.

<iframe width='600' height='350' frameborder=0 allowfullscreen src=''></iframe>

Now when the user taps the play button, the Matterport Space will open in a new browser tab. This makes tab management easier for the user, and it's easier for them to return to your webpage and re-engage with your site.

This URL parameter only affects behavior on mobile devices. Users on desktops or laptops are not affected.

Open this Help Center article on your smartphone and try it out with the embedded Space below:

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