One Login, Multiple Organizations

Do you log in to Matterport Cloud ( with many different emails? You can combine them to use one email login to upload, contribute, edit, and manage your 3D Spaces across multiple organizations.

An organization in Matterport Cloud (also called ‘account’) is linked to one billing account in Each organization has many users/collaborators with varying level of access.

With this feature,

  • Users can combine multiple Matterport email logins into one
    • No need to sign out of Matterport Cloud ( and then sign back in as a different user.
    • From within Matterport Cloud, you can easily switch between multiple organizations and then access the different 3D Spaces to which you have permission.
    • From the Capture app, you can easily choose the organization you will upload into.
  • Admins can invite any email as a collaborator, regardless of which organization the collaborator belongs to
    • You will no longer see the “This user already exists” error.
    • You will no longer have to create email aliases such as for collaborators.

This will improve the workflow for Matterport customers such as:

  • MSPs (Matterport Service Providers) and their clients
  • Large, complex organizations and enterprises
  • Hosting-only accounts and those who own, contribute, and maintain them

Consider an MSP who scans for many different clients. A client with just one or two spaces is fine with the MSP handling everything. However a client with many spaces may want more control, and thus their own hosting-only account. Yet they would still use the MSP to scan new spaces.

In this case, the MSP can have one email login which he or she uses to access spaces in both their own organization and the client's organization.


Merge several profiles into one

The first step to take advantage of this feature is to combine several profiles (user email logins) into one.

First, sign in to Matterport Cloud ( with your primary login. The primary login will then absorb any secondary logins from other organizations.

Typically your primary login will be a simple email address like and the secondary login will be an email aliases such as

Next, go to Select the Merge Profiles button.


Input your email address and password for the secondary login. This secondary login will go away. All permissions will be absorbed into the primary login.

Do not combine any shared or team logins such as Do not use them for either the primary login or the secondary login.


Check to confirm that the operation is correct.

Warning! This operation cannot be undone.


After combining, you can easily switch between organizations by clicking the icon next to your username.



Manage organization info

Admins can easily customize the icon (color and first two letters) to match their organization’s style.

Go to Click Organization Info. Click the blue Edit button.


Click the icon to choose a new color. Changing the organization name will change the abbreviation in the icon.

  • If the name is one word, the abbreviation is the the first two letters in the word. (Lester3DMSP => Le)
  • If the name is two or more words, the abbreviation uses the first letter from the first two words. (Davy Jones Locker => Dj)



Upload to multiple organizations from Capture

First, update the Capture app to the latest version.

Open the Capture app on the iPad and sign in as normal. In the side menu, you will see which organization you are currently associated with.


Tap the name of the organization and you’ll see all the organizations that you currently belong to in Matterport Cloud ( Remember, you’ll have to merge profiles as described earlier.

Make sure you are uploading to the correct organization so billing and space management is correct.

Tap to choose a different organization to upload to. Then go back to the model and upload.


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