Loop or Unloop your Teaser Videos


When you download a teaser GIF from Matterport Cloud, it automatically loops by default. However, you may want it to set it to NOT loop (run once then stop).

In addition, you may have processed your model when teaser videos were first introduced and they did not loop by default. In this case, you'd want it to set it to loop forever.

While there's lots of tools to modify GIFs, we'll describe an easy method with ezgif.com.


  1. Download the teaser GIF from Matterport Cloud.Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_9.41.57_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_9.41.19_AM.png
  2. Go to ezgif.com/maker and upload your GIF file. upload-to-ezgif.png
  3. Scroll down past the individual frames. Set Loop Count as desired:
    • Loop forever -- leave field emptyRun once then stop 
  4. Click Animate it! 
    • The GIF will appear below. Verify that the behavior is as desired.make-sure-loop-count-set-to-empty.png

      5. Right click on the image and save it to your computer.save-it.png

  • You can also open the GIF in your browser as a second verification.
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