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Android no longer includes Google Tango technology, so we can no longer support or maintain Matterport Scenes. Thank you to all of the 3D enthusiasts who used Scenes. We look forward to bringing you mobile 3D technology on new platforms in the future.

If you wish to continue using an unsupported version of Matterport Scenes, then it is only available for Google Tango phones: ASUS ZenFone AR or Lenovo Phab2 Pro.



Scenes Cloud is our service for viewing and sharing your scenes on the web. Check it out at

With Scenes Cloud you can:

  • Share the scenes you've scanned with the world
  • Save/archive your scanned scenes and restore them later
  • Download for use in other 3D applications
We're constantly improving Matterport Scenes. Please email us at with any feedback. We love to hear how you're using it!



Upload to Scenes Cloud from the App

First, scan a scene like normal. You can also select a scene from the gallery.

Tap the ... icon on the top-right and then the Share option.


Tap 'Upload'. This will upload your scene to Scenes Cloud.  


You may have to sign in to Matterport Scenes if you are not already. Choose a Google account that is already associated with this device or sign in with another account. Learn more about associating accounts with your device.


Edit the name of the scene. Metadata (name and email) is shown as well to confirm you are uploading from the correct account.

The author name will be displayed with the model.

The email address will not be displayed. The email address is used in the back-end to uniquely identify a user and all the scenes they have uploaded.



You can choose to make a scene public or unlisted.

  • Public - Everyone on the internet can view the scene. It will appear in the public gallery on and in all search results on Do not share anything confidential.
  • Unlisted - Everyone who has the link to the scene can view it. However, it will not appear on the scenes homepage or in search results.
For even more privacy, save the model to your personal Google Drive and share it with another person who has Matterport Scenes on their device.

Tap 'Upload' when you are done. Your scene should be viewable on after it has been uploaded.

Scenes can be quite large. Avoid data overages on your mobile data account by using WiFi whenever possible.


View on Scenes Cloud from a Web Browser

Go to You'll see a grid layout that shows all of the publicly available scenes.


You can also search for an author or scene name. 


You can also click on a name to filter by author's name.


Click directly on the image to open a scene. The scene will load and you'll see the rendered point cloud.

Are you having problems seeing your scenes? Check our system requirements.


Scene navigation depends on whether you're using a mouse (desktop or laptop) or a touchscreen (tablet or smartphone) to view

Desired Action Mouse Touchscreen
Rotate your viewpoint Left click and drag Tap and drag
Move the entire scene Right click and drag Two-finger tap and drag
Zoom in or out Scroll wheel on mouse Pinch in or out
Return to original orientation Click the Reload icon Tap the Reload icon
View in fullscreen Click the fullscreen icon.
Click ESC (escape) to return.
Tap the fullscreen icon. Tap the back button to escape. Fullscreen is only available for Android devices.


Below you'll see some associated metadata for the scene. 

  • Views - how many people have opened the scene on Scenes Cloud.
  • Download - download the scene to your computer. The file is in a .MATTMODEL format that you can upload to a device with Matterport Scenes. To use in other desktop 3D applications, rename the file to a .ZIP format and extract. Then you case use the PLY file however you like. Learn more about the PLY file format.
  • Vertices - how many points are in the point cloud.
We're constantly improving Matterport Scenes. Please email us at with any feedback. We love to hear how you're using it!


Download from Scenes Cloud to Your Scenes Device

If you have Matterport Scenes on your device, you can download a scene from Scenes Cloud and view it from the app instead of from the web browser.

Advantages of viewing through the app include:

  • View a scene while offline
  • Take measurements of the scene
  • Trim a scene to isolate objects of interest

First open Matterport Scenes. Tap the menu icon to open the menu bar on the left. Tap the Scenes Cloud option.


If you're connected to the internet, you'll see the same gallery of scenes as on the homepage at


Tap a scene to view more details. Tap 'Download' to download the scene to your device.

Scenes can be quite large. Avoid data overages on your mobile data account by using WiFi whenever possible.


After downloading, the scene will open and you can view and measure like normal.



Update or Remove from Scenes Cloud

Open the Matterport Scenes app. Scenes that you have uploaded to Scenes Cloud have a solid cloud icon in the corner.


Tap the cloud icon to bring up options related to Scenes Cloud.

  • Preview - Opens the scene in your mobile web browser.
  • Update - Change scene metadata such as name. Change privacy settings to public or unlisted. Changes to trim, measurements, and settings (such as hiding backfaces) are also updated.
  • Delete - Removes scene from Scenes Cloud. This does not affect a local copy of the scene on your device.
You can only update or delete scenes which you personally have scanned. Other scenes are read-only, and cannot be uploaded back to the Cloud.


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