Best Practices for Taking 2D Snapshots in Workshop

Keep Vertical Lines Straight

Keeping vertical lines - as well as horizontal lines - straight and parallel is very important in 2D photography.

Lines that are not straight can cause the image to look tilted, skewed, or distorted, as if the image came from a barrel or fish bowl.



The most prominent vertical lines in a space are usually the windows, columns, wall edges, and furniture edges. Use these as guidelines to make sure the Snapshot looks good.

To keep vertical lines straight and parallel, we recommend keeping the Workshop view level.

Use the arrows keys to move left and right, instead of click and drag (which can throw you off level). 

The easiest way to return to level is go to the 3D Scans and 360º Views menu and then double-click on a scan number. This will transport you to that scan position and return you to level.



Disable Scan Positions

The scans you took for good 2D Snapshots are sometimes not appropriate for your virtual tour. This is because they are:

  • In the corner, and can feel claustrophobic.
  • They are at a lower height compared to eye-level for normal 3D scans. Height transitions in a virtual tour feel unnatural to the end-user.
  • Too many scan positions in the virtual tour can make navigation difficult.

For all these reasons, you’ll want to go back into Workshop and hide the scans that you specifically captured for 2D Snapshots. Learn more.



Printing Information

You can download the Snapshots from either Workshop or Cloud. Learn more.

If you use Matterport Cloud, remember to select “Maximum Pixels”. Learn more about DPI and printing information.

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