FAQ: Ordering & Fulfillment

Why is my order not showing the expected discount even though I entered a promotional code?
Our fulfillment team will apply the discount when they prepare the order for shipment.
Why is there sales tax on my order?
Matterport is required to charge sales tax on orders from California, Michigan and Illinois.
I am purchasing a new camera and I already have a Matterport Cloud Plan. How do I remove the cloud plan from cart and checkout? 
Log into your buy.matterport.com account by going to buy.matterport.com/user/login. Once you are logged in, go back to the cart. You can now delete the Cloud Plan item and proceed through checkout.
My order didn't go through because my credit card limit was reached. What should I do?
Please call your bank to discuss how to free up enough credit to purchase the camera.
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