Teaser Videos for your Matterport 3D Model

Teasers are short video clips that show off the best parts of a Matterport model.


They're great to put in email marketing campaigns or post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Download & Share

     1. Go to my.matterport.com and open a Matterport model.

     2. Go to Videos under the Downloads tab.


  • Teasers are only available for spaces processed since early May 2017.

     3. You'll see three different teasers Matterport has created.

     4. Click on the picture to preview the teaser.


     5. Download the appropriate file depending on the intended use for the teaser.

Format Resolution Filesize Purpose
MP4 854 x 480 pixels
1 to 2 MB Facebook, YouTube, editing with other videos
GIF 320 x 240 pixels
Make your GIF loop
4 to 5 MB Twitter, email, text

     6. Open Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

     7. Create a new post and upload the teaser file from your computer.

 Include a link to Matterport model in your post so people can see the full experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the teasers created?

Matterport’s computer vision system automatically identifies rooms within models and then selects the most attractive view from within a room. From that data, we pick out the best views from the whole 3D model and then create the teaser. All of this happens with no human interaction

I'm not happy with the teaser. Can I edit it or create my own?

While you can't edit the teaser directly from within Matterport, you can use video editing software such as iMovie for Mac to make fine-tune edits. There are lots of options for video editing, both free and commercial.

You can also create your own video teaser. This is a more manual process that requires you to record your screen and use video editing software. However, the advantage is that you can get the exact view and angle that you want. Learn more.

Does the size of the model (more square feet) affect the size of the teaser?

No, all teasers are the same length - 10 to 15 seconds.

My model was processed before May 2017. Can I still get a teaser video?

If you still have the model on your iPad, open it, add or adjust a few markings, and upload again. Since the model has already been processed, the reupload is free. This will create a new Matterport 3D model from which you can download the teaser.

If you don't have the model on your iPad, you will have to manually record your screen to create a video. Learn more.

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