Download a 360º Snapshot

You can now download a 360º Snapshot to your computer and then upload that single 360º panorama to Facebook.

When you download the file to your computer, it may look like this:


Don't worry. That's just the transformation from a 360º, sphere-based image to a flat 2D image. It's just like how geographers draw the earth as a flat 2D map  there's going to be distortion at the poles.


When you upload your 360º Snapshot to Facebook, it will automatically be recognized as a 360º photo so your audience can click around it.



Take a 360º Snapshot

First open Workshop for the Matterport Space you want to export from.

Navigate to the exact inside scan position you want to capture.

You can also go to the menu and double-click to select a 360º View, as shown below.


Click Snapshot in the toolbar.


In the top-right corner, click the cylindrical Take 360º Snapshot button.

Click the large camera icon to take the snapshot.


Zooming in or out makes no difference for a 360º Snapshot.

All 360º Snapshots output at the same resolution (4096 x 2048 pixels), regardless of whether captured by a Pro or a Pro2 camera.


Download a 360º Snapshot

From inside Workshop, click the Assets menu on the left and then Snapshots dropdown list.

Then double click on the Snapshot to bring up the details panel on the right.

From there you can rename the Snapshot and download it to your computer. 


You can also download your 360º Snapshots from Matterport Cloud.

Click on Photos under the Media tag. The 360 Snapshots are indicated by the 360°icon and are larger than 2D Snapshots.


All 360º Snapshots will download as JPEGs in 4096 x 2048 pixels, roughly 1 to 3 MB depending on the image content. 

360º Snapshots use an equirectangular projection to go from a spherical image to a flat 2D picture. Learn more.

To preview a 360º Snapshots before you upload it to Facebook, we recommend using Pano2VR software.

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