Download a 360º Snapshot

This guide will walk you through the process of taking and downloading a 360º snapshot in Matterport Workshop, then describe how to share the 3D image with Facebook. 

Before you begin 

Before learning how to do this, let's have a look at what a 360º snapshot looks like after you download the file to your computer. See below. 


Notice how the image is oddly warped - don't worry, this is normal. Transforming a 360º, sphere-based snapshot into a flat image will cause distortions throughout. Uploading this same snapshot to Facebook, however, will transform the image into a true 3D snapshot. 



Take a 360º Snapshot

  1. Open the 3D Showcase you want to photograph. 
  2. Switch to Edit mode
  3. Select the camera icon in the toolbox to the right.Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_8.07.49_AM.png
  4. Position your camera.
    • Click and drag your mouse to frame the shot, then use the arrow keys for refinement.
  5. Click the 360º Photo icon at the top-right of the image.Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_8.08.58_AM.png
  6. Click the large photo icon at the top of the image to take the Snapshot. 

Download a 360º Snapshot 

  1. Click on the "Media" tab
  2. Click "Photos"
    • The 360º snapshot thumbnail will appear much wider than the rest of the image, and will have the "360º" designation at the bottom right of the image.Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_8.15.17_AM.png
  3. Click the 360º snapshot to enlarge
  4. In the pop-up window, click the download icon at the top-right.


  • 360º snapshots will download as JPEGs. 
  • 360º snapshots will save at 4,096 x 2,048 pixels by default, regardless of capture device. 
  • 360º snapshot image sizes will range from one to three MB depending on the content's detail and scope. 
  • 360º snapshots use the equirectangular projection method - this seamlessly transitions spherical images into 2D, flat pictures. 

To preview a 360º snapshot before uploading to Facebook, we recommend using Pano2VR software.

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