FAQ: Google Street View

This feature is still in beta, which means minor bugs may appear. If you encounter bugs or have feedback, please please email us.

How do I enable Google Street View (GSV) publishing for my account?
You don’t need to do anything! The Google Street View (beta) panel will automatically appear to the right of your 3D Space once it is marked Public. Any admin, or a collaborator with edit access to the 3D Space, can publish the Space to Google Street View.
Can I publish Residential Homes to Google Street View?
No, this violates Google’s Terms of Service.  

Important Note: Matterport will not prevent you from publishing a residential property to Google Street View, but doing so could result in your Google account being banned from future GSV publishing. Any such ban is purely at Google’s discretion, and is not something Matterport can reverse.

For this reason, it is important that you, and any admins or collaborators with edit rights on your account, never attempt to publish residential properties to Google Street View.

How much does it cost to publish my Space to Google Street View?
Street View publication is free to all Matterport customers during the beta period. Upon the close of the beta period, we anticipate a surcharge of $19 per Standard Space (up to 100 scan positions) for Google Street View publication.

This price is subject to change, and provided so that customers can anticipate their costs and pricing structure to clients.

Final pricing will be announced prior to the close of the beta period. The end of the beta period is to be determined. 

Is the experience the same as I am used to with Matterport?
No. Google Street View is a 360˚ pano-to-pano experience. Your GSV tours will not include a Dollhouse View or the fully immersive 3D transitions found in a Matterport Space. Matterport Spaces are not ‘embedded’ within Google’s maps and search interfaces. Instead, we export your data into a format compatible with Google Street View.

See the Street View Gallery for examples of the experience you should expect.

Is Matterport the only way people can capture and publish to Google Street View?
For indoor photography, Matterport is one of several options photographers and venue owners can choose. However, Matterport is the best solution for large and complex places because it is easy to scan and automates the otherwise time-consuming process of capturing and connecting individual 360˚ panoramas.
Is this the same as the “See Inside” experience on Google Maps?
Essentially, yes. “See Inside” was the name of an older Google program that differentiated interior tours and car-based captures. Now the entire program is called Street View, even if the location is inside a building.
Where on Google is my content published?
Your content will be visible on Google Maps, Google Earth and the Google Street View app. Each application will show your 360º images (also called connected panoramas or a tour) in different ways.
Can I control which 360 images appear in a place’s listing on Google?
When you publish to GSV from Matterport, all visible 3D Scans are included. Hidden 3D Scans and 360˚ Views will not be included.

Google algorithms determine the specific order that still photos, 360˚ panoramas, and other photos appear in search. Matterport and you cannot determine this order.

Will faces or license plates be blurred automatically?
Currently, no. Content that is published through the Street View API does not go through the same face or license plate blurring algorithms as Google Street View on roads.

If there is content you wish to hide from Google, we recommend you hide scans with private information before you publish.

Will my content connect with other Google Street View imagery, such as navigation from a street into a property?
Google’s algorithms determine whether your content is connected to other walkthrough content such as a view from the middle of a street.

To maximize the possibility of your content being connected, we recommend you try to place your 3D Space as accurately as possible on top of the Google Maps minimap.

Can I explore my content in Virtual Reality?
If you use the Google Street View app for your iPhone or Android phone, you can press the VR icon to experience your content in virtual reality. You will then insert your device into your headset and explore.

This type of VR experience will show the same 360˚ panoramas (and connections between them) as you see in normal version of Google Street View for other non-Matterport content. The Matterport VR Space with optimized navigation is not currently published to Street View.

Is GSV publication limited to particular capture methods (e.g. only the Pro2)?
Any Matterport Space you can explore in 3D Showcase can be published. This includes both Pro and Pro2 spaces. Spaces that you’ve captured with the Pro2 will export the high quality, 4K images to Google.
Can I hide just one scan position from the published space?
Sure. Just hide the scan in Workshop and then republish. The hidden scan will not appear in Google Street View. Another option is to delete the scan from within Google Maps if you want to keep the Matterport Space as-is.
Can I publish spaces with more than one floor?
Yes. The floor levels are automatically determined based on your Matterport Space.

The floor picker UI within Google Street View only appears when a viewer is standing at a spot where there are panos above or below them. Users may not realize there are multiple floors until they actually start exploring the tour.

Can I set the start position within the Street View tour?
No, this is not a feature of Google Street View. Users enter by clicking on an individual pano (blue dot in Google Maps and Google Earth) which indicates there is imagery there.
Will Mattertag™ Posts and Highlight Reels be visible in Google Street View?
No, these are not currently supported in Google Street View. We suggest you share your Matterport Space through social media or embed it on your website for users to see these features.
Does this include 360º Views (unaligned panoramas)?
Currently not. We can only publish scans you’ve captured in “3D Scan” mode in the Capture app because they are aligned/linked together.
Can I use the Dollhouse View to explore and navigate?
No, Google Street View is designed as a series of connected 360º images. Currently there is no notion of 3D geometry or a Dollhouse View within a Google Street View tour.
If a delete my Space from my.matterport.com, does it also delete from Google Street View? 
No. You would need to unpublish from GSV before deleting the Space. 
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