FAQ: Matterport for Business Listings (Publish to Google Street View)

What is Google Street View and Matterport for Business Listings?

Most people know Google Street View as a cool feature from Google Maps. From a map of the world you can zoom down to a country, state, city, all the way down to street level.

At the street level, the view changes from a map to a series of connected 360º panoramas. Here you can use the mouse and the in-app arrows to explore.


With Matterport for Business Listings, you will be able to publish your already scanned indoor space (such as a restaurant) to Google Street View. To the end user, they’ll be able to go directly from the outside to the inside for a seamless exploration experience.

For businesses such as restaurants and stores, this seamless exploration and the ability for people to explore virtually will lead to more engagement with their target audience and more visits in real-life.


Is this ready now (Thursday, May 11th, 2017)?

We’re currently accepting requests to join the beta program, which will start in the winter of 2017.

However, don’t let this stop you from scanning now! Depending on your role, here’s what you can do now:

Role What you can do now
I am a Matterport customer  I currently own a Matterport camera and/or I am a Matterport Service Partner

Continue to accept and do scan jobs.

Join the beta program if desired.

Publish a space once we’re ready for general availability.

I am a Google Street View photographer who’s interested in using Matterport

Learn more about Matterport.

Buy a camera now and start scanning.

Join our beta program if desired.

Publish a space once we’re ready for general availability.

I am a business owner who’s interested in Matterport and publishing my business to Google Street View

Learn more about Matterport.

Explore some Matterport Spaces.

Hire a Matterport Service Partner.

Ask the Service Partner to publish the space once we're ready for general availability.


What kinds of places can I publish?

  • Business Listings — retail and restaurants
  • Places of Interest — museums and landmarks
  • Multifamily — apartment complexes
  • Travel and Hospitality — hotels and resorts
  • Vacation & Short Term Rentals — nightly rentals only
  • Commercial Real Estate — office spaces

Private homes (residential real estate) cannot be published to Google Street View. Nightly rentals are allowed.


How will I publish a Matterport Space to Google Street View?

You will log in to Matterport Cloud at my.matterport.com and order it similar to how you would order a Schematic Floor Plan. Publishing will take place within 24 hours.

Currently publishing to Google Street View is only for customers in the beta program. For an invitation, please visit our landing page and sign up to be informed.


Does this only apply to newly created Matterport Spaces?

No! Any Matterport Space — those created last year, during the beta period, and after the official launch will be publishable. Feel free to scan now and publish later.


 Is Matterport the only way people can capture and publish to Google Street View?

No, there are several ways imagery gets into Street View. Most of the outdoor photography is done by Google itself, such as cameras on top of cars for public roads. This photography is captured on an ongoing basis.

For indoor photography, Matterport is one of several options photographers and venue owners can choose. These options range from the low-end to the high-end. However, Matterport is the best overall, end-to-end solution for indoor capture for several reasons:

  • You get panoramas that are automatically stitched and linked together for simple capture and post-processing, especially when compared to DSLR workflows.
  • You can embed the Matterport Space on your own website to drive traffic and engage visitors.
  • You get more features such as downloadable 2D photography, Guided Tours, Dollhouse View, Measurements, Labels, Mattertag Posts, Virtual Reality, and more.


Will the end user be able to use other Matterport features such as Highlight Reel, VR, etc from Google Street View?

No, to use these features they will have to open your space through 3D Showcase just like before.

This means sharing a link with your audience (a URL like https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=NSQTwyJjz15) through a text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Another option is to embed the Matterport Space in your blog or website by using some HTML embed code like this:

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=NSQTwyJjz15" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Furthermore, embedding a high-quality, feature-rich virtual tour on your website is even better as it can drive traffic and increase engagement with your target audience on your own website.


Does it matter if I use the Pro or Pro2 camera? 

Spaces shot with either the Pro or Pro2 can both be published to Google Street View.

However, spaces shot with the Pro2 will have higher quality 4K imagery to export. In addition, each 360º panorama will have a more accurate location (latitude and longitude) because of the GPS module inside the Pro2 camera.

For 3D Spaces shot with the Pro camera, this requires "faking the location" during the export process. So the individual location of each panorama will vary compared to reality.


Are there any other limitations?

During the current beta period, only Spaces with one floor can be published. Spaces with multiple floors will be supported in a future release.

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