Opening VR through Slack, Gmail, or an Internal Browser Window


Some apps such as Slack and Gmail will open links in an internal browser window.

For example, suppose a friend or colleague sends you a link. You tap on the link to open a Matterport Space.

see-link-in-slack.png   open-in-chrome.png

The Matterport Space will open and you navigate like normal.

 space-is-loading.png   space-has-loaded.png

However, when you tap the VR button it may not open the Matterport VR app even though you've installed it.

If you tap the Android overview button, you'll see that the Matterport Space was loaded in an internal browser window within Slack or Gmail.




You can solve this issue by opening the Matterport Space in a full browser window

First, tap the link within Slack or Gmail to open the Space as normal. 

Next tap the ... three dots icon in the top-right corner to see more options.


Tap the Open in browser option. The link will open in a full browser window.


Now if you tap the Android overview button you'll see that the Space is actually open in Chrome.


Now that you're in Chrome, when you tap the VR button and choose your headset, you'll see the system open dialog appear like normal. You can now enter Matterport VR and enjoy your Space.


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