2) Add or Verify the Address


One of the first tasks after you log in to Matterport Cloud is to verify the address of the Matterport Space. This address was entered when you created the model in Matterport Capture or later on in Matterport Cloud. If you haven't input anything, now is a good time to add an address.

We highly recommend you enter a valid address to encourage real life traffic to your Space. If your place is a business, they're more likely to learn more and then purchase your goods or services. 

The address appears in the About Panel in 3D Showcase.


In addition, a valid address is important for future Matterport features such as content distribution that increase both virtual and real-life traffic to your Spaces.


Find the Address Button

First log in to Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com).

Find the Space you want to edit in the list or search for it. You'll see the address button on the right.


VERIFY ADDRESS A partial address has been entered and requires your verification.
ADD ADDRESS No address has been entered. You are encouraged to enter one or mark the Space as "address not applicable".
<no button> Address has already been verified. No action necessary.


Verify or Add an Address

Click the VERIFY ADDRESS button. Click the previously entered address to bring up the Edit Address screen.


If there is no address, click the ADD ADDRESS button. Click "Add Your Own Address" to open the Edit Address screen.


Sometimes, an address is not applicable. For example, a cabin in the woods, an RV, yacht, or something else that is not fixed. In this case, click "Address Does Not Apply".

Now change the Address field to make sure you have the correct address. 

Use the address auto-complete to automatically enter data for all fields. This will ensure your address is exactly the same address that's used in public records.


Click Accept to save your changes.


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