How do I update a VR Space that I've already downloaded?

Say you've downloaded a Matterport VR Space to your phone. Then the owner of the Space has made changes such as:

You'll want to update the VR Space on your phone so you can see those new changes. This article explains how.

First, connect your phone to WiFi (the internet). The exact instructions depends on your phone and operating system.


Next open the Matterport VR app and insert the phone into your headset.

open-matterport-vr-app.png   insert-into-vr.png

From the home screen, look at the eye icon to open the "Shared with Me" folder. Just move your head to move the cursor on the center of the screen. Hold/hover your gaze to open an option.


Look at the VR Space you want to update.


Look at the Update button on the bottom left corner.


The VR Space will start downloading.


When it's finished downloading, look at the Play button to explore the VR Space.


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