How do I delete a VR Space?


If you download a VR Space from a QR code or by tapping the VR button on 3D Showcase, it will appear in the Shared with Me folder in the Matterport VR app.

Downloading the VR Space is good because you can explore while offline. However, it also takes up storage space on your phone. If you've downloaded a lot, you may want to delete some VR spaces to free some storage space.

Before you delete, archive the Space for future reference. Archiving is like making a bookmark on your web browser. The data for the VR Space is not on on your phone but you have a reference to download it again if you want. After you've archived it, you can delete this reference to fully delete the VR Space form your phone.


Archive a VR Space

First open the Shared with Me folder.


Open the detail page for a VR Space you've already downloaded.


Select the archive button in the bottom left corner.


Now go back to the Matterport VR home screen. Open the Archived folder and you'll see this VR Space there.


From here you can open the detail page and download the VR Space again.


Delete a VR Space

First, archive the Space as explained above. 

Next, from the home screen open the Archived folder. Open the VR Space you wish to delete.

Select the delete icon in the bottom-left corner next to the archive button.


The VR Space is no longer on your phone.

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