Open Spaces from Matterport Cloud

Login to Matterport Cloud

If you are a current customer with a Matterport Cloud ( account, you can open your own Matterport Spaces with the app.

Select the Cloud tab at the bottom of the screen.


Log in to your account.


If you forgot your password, please visit and click “Trouble logging in?” to reset your password.


Sort your Spaces

Your Spaces will appear on the home screen sorted into folders, just like in Matterport Cloud.

Tap the buttons on top to sort by creation date and alphabetically by Space title.

Search for a Space

If your Matterport Cloud account has lots of Spaces, use the search bar to quickly find a Space.

Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and enter your search term.

You can search by title or Space ID. Tap Cancel to return to the main screen with all your Spaces. 

You must cancel or exit the search before going to a different tab.


Open Spaces not in your Matterport Cloud account

You can also open a Matterport Space without logging in. You can use this to view any Matterport Space (even one not in your account), as long the Space is set to public

First open the Cloud tab. Tap the search icon in the top right.

Enter the 11-character Space ID in the search bar. You can find the Space ID at the very end of the URL for the Matterport Space. The Space ID is case-sensitive (use correct capitalization).

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