View & Download Spaces

View a Space with an Internet Connection

Just tap the picture to view a Matterport Space. The Space will download from the internet and open in 3D Showcase.

This method is like viewing 3D Showcase on your laptop or desktop (no data is saved locally).



Download a Space for Offline Viewing

Tap the download icon below the thumbnail. 

The download icon will change into a progress indicator, as shown below on the right. If you do not see the download icon, the Matterport Space is already downloaded to your device.




You can also tap the download icon on the top right while you are exploring a Space.



View Offline Spaces

To view Spaces you've already downloaded to your device, select the Downloaded tab on the bottom of the screen.


Tap the thumbnail to launch it in 3D Showcase.


If you've made changes in Matterport Workshop such as adding Mattertag™ Posts, Highlight Reel, etc then you need to delete the Space and download it again to see your changes.


View Details for a Space

Select the information icon in the top right of any Space to view details about a Space.

For non-downloaded Spaces, you can see the name, description, and when it was created.


For downloaded Spaces, you can also see how many MB it takes on your device, when it was downloaded, and when it was last modified.


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