Learn about Collaborators

As you use Matterport more, you will want to add Collaborators help you with your Spaces.

Collaborators have their own login to Matterport Cloud, and they can:

Collaborators can either be an Admin or a User. Users can upload, edit, and share all of their own Spaces. Users can also have view-only or edit access to others’ Spaces.

Admin User

Upload Spaces

View, edit, and delete ANY Space in the organization’s account

Add/delete Collaborators and modify permissions

View Space Statistics across the entire account

View usage and uploads across the entire account

Enable or disable Schematic Floor Plans for all Collaborators in the account

Enable or disable VR Sharing defaults for all Spaces in the account

Upload Spaces (by default users have editor access to all Spaces that they themselves uploaded)

Have viewer or editor access to others’ Spaces


 Open the Space Detail Page to see Space metadata

Explore the Space in 3D Showcase even if set to Private


Do everything a Viewer can do

Modify Public & Internal Details

Edit Space in Workshop and publish changes

View Space Statistics for that Space

Order a Schematic Floor Plan 

Admins do not automatically have access to billing information such as credit card data. This information is located on buy.matterport.com, which is a separate login.

There are two major work flows with Collaborators:

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