Learn about Collaborators

Add collaborators to help you manage and edit your spaces. Collaborators have their own login to Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com), and they can:

Collaborators can either be an Admin or a User. Users can upload, edit, and share all of their own Spaces. Users can also have view or edit access to others’ Spaces.


What can users do?

All Users Can View (per space privilege) Can Edit (per space privilege)

Upload spaces. By default, users have edit access to all space that they themselves uploaded.

May have view or edit access to others’ spaces

Open the space detail page to read metadata about each space

Explore the space in 3D Showcase. Can explore even if model is set to private.

Do everything a viewer can do

Modify public and internal details

Edit space and publish changes

View space statistics for that space

Order derivative asset such as floor plans


What can admins do?

All Admins Billing Contact Privilege Account Owner Privilege

Upload 3D models from the iOS Capture app

View, edit, and delete ANY 3D model in the account

Add/delete collaborators and modify permissions

View space statistics across the entire account

View usage and uploads across the entire account

Enable or disable schematic floor plans, VR sharing, and other defaults across the entire account

Everything a normal admin can do

Download invoices

Access and update billing information (ie credit card info)

Receive billing related emails

Upgrade or downgrade subscription plan

Reassign the Billing Contact privilege to another admin 

Everything a billing contact can do

Single point-of-contact as the owner of the Matterport account

Reassign the Billing Contact privilege to another admin

Reassign the Account Owner privilege to another admin 

Learn how to designate the Billing Contact and the Account Owner.


Add New Collaborators

There are two major work flows with collaborators:

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