Folders, Sorting, & Searching

Create a Folder

  1. Open Matterport Cloud (
  2. Click the Create folder icon at the far right of the page. Screen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_8.15.49_AM.png
  3. In the "Create Folder" popup that opens, give your new folder a name. 
  4. Click the "Create" button. Screen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_8.18.30_AM.png

Move a Space into a Folder

  1. Open Matterport Cloud (
  2. Open the folder that contains the Space you want to move to a folder.
  3. Locate the Space, then click the "ellipses" icon to the right.
  4. Click "Move to Folder". Screen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_9.09.34_AM.png
  5. Click the folder you want to transfer the Space to. 
    • In this example, we titled it "New Folder". 
  6. Click the "Accept" button. 


  • Keep in mind, only Admins can move Spaces back to the top level.


Sort your Spaces

If a folder contains many Spaces, sort it so you can easily find a Space or a folder. You can sort by:

  • Name
  • Date Created
  • Postal Code (ZIP code)
  • Internal ID
  • MLS Listing ID
  • Modified Date

Click on the sorting field (top red box in the screenshot) and then click on the field to sort by (bottom red box).


To toggle between ascending and descending order, open the sorting field and click on the same field again.

Searching and sorting is based off what you entered in 'Edit Details' or when you created the model in the Matterport Capture app. Therefore, it’s important to enter metadata early so it is easy to find a Space later.


Search for a Space

Use the search bar to find a specific Space. You can search by:

  • Name & Description
  • Address
  • Internal ID
  • MLS Name
  • MLS Listing ID


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