Preview Snapshots & Download


  1. Launch Workshop and take some snapshots
  2. Open the Space Detail Page. 
  3. Click "Photos" under the "Media" tab.Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_8.40.45_AM.png
    • The first Snapshot with the window pane icon in the bottom-left is the "Hero" Image. This is what displays when the 3D Showcase first loads on a web page but before a user clicks the play button. You'll notice the first snapshot is also the thumbnail.
  4. Click on a snapshot to preview it in the Snapshot Gallery.Screen_Shot_2019-11-21_at_8.43.36_AM.png

Pictured icons: Set as Start Location, Delete Snapshot, and Download 

  • Click left and right to navigate through the Snapshot Gallery.
  • Click Set as Start Location to make this snapshot both the Start Position and the Hero Image.
  • Click the blue Download Snapshot button to download this image locally to your computer.
Learn how to download snapshots.
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