Open a Matterport 3D Model

Open a Model from Email

After you upload a model from Matterport Capture, you will receive an email when processing is complete. Look for this subject:

“Example Model” is ready to view

Where "Example Model" is the name of the model that you entered in the Capture app.


Click the link to be taken directly to the Space Detail Page.


Login & Open a Model 

You can also login directly to to see if the Matterport 3D model is ready or still processing.



Click the picture or the title of the Matterport model to go to the Space Detail Page.


Space Detail Page


Left column: 3D Showcase, Snapshots, Videos, FloorPlans, and MatterPaks

Left row: Media, Details, Distribution Statistics, Apps 

Right row: Collaborators, Make Public or Private, Share, and More 

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