Editing Suggestions for Specific Markets

Residential Real Estate

Add the MLS ID and other internal details to make tracking easier.

Take Snapshots and download for use in other digital media.

Set the Start Position to an exterior 360º View. This is a great way to simulate “what people see everyday they come home.” Remember to add a Snapshot of an Inside View to your Highlight Reel so users can go inside to look around.

If you don’t have an exterior 360º View, set the Start Position to the front door.

Highlight Reels & Guided Tours are a great way to quickly show the most important parts of a Matterport Space. Learn more about best practices for Guided Tours.

Add Mattertag™ Posts to give more details about key features like a grand piano or a name-brand appliance. Highlight key upgrades or hidden features such as a hidden subwoofer or a secret door.

Add a link to a Mattertag™ Post to connect the Matterport Space with other digital media. For example, a Mattertag Post on a painting can link to the artist’s biography. A Mattertag Post on an appliance can link to a online store listing for that appliance. A link can also point to a PDF with more info or a sign-up page for an open house.

Add Labels to each room to make navigation easier from Floorplan View.

Customize the behavior of Showcase using URL Parameters.

Organize your Spaces into folders by geographic area, size of the house, or person/group who performed the scanning. 


Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Take Measurements to assist in as-built documentation.

For very large properties, divide into regions and use links in Mattertag™ Posts to connect the Spaces together.

Use Mattertag™ Posts to show key features, decision points, or progress at key milestones. Use links in Mattertag Posts to link to another ticketing system or extended documentation.

Take Snapshots of key locations that require further review.

Disable the Dollhouse button if the Dollhouse is particularly ugly or missing areas because you only scanned the perimeter.

Add Labels to a house under construction to show where the future rooms will be.


Travel & Hospitality

Add Mattertag™ Posts to show amenity details such as shower speeds, jacuzzi temperature, sheet thread counts, room service, etc.

Add a link to a Mattertag™ Post to engage even more. Links can direct visitors to book or upgrade a room, direct them to a website to learn more about the property’s history, or direct them to a sign-up page for local attractions and tours.


Commercial Real Estate

Add Mattertag™ Posts to show key upgrades or hidden features. Include measurements (the dimensions of the rooms) so decision makers can plan their move.

Add a link to a Mattertag™ Post to a different Matterport Space. The other Matterport Space can also be the same property, but staged differently.

For very large properties that can’t be done in under 200 scans, divide into regions and then use links in Mattertag™ Posts to connect the regions together.

Use Mattertag™ Posts to flag areas that require more review. A link in the Mattertag Post can link to a maintenance ticket with more information.

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