Edit or Delete a Collaborator

Edit Collaborator Details

Open the Collaborators page. Find the Collaborator you want to edit and click on their email to open their profile.

Click the blue pencil icon to edit the Collaborator’s details. Admins can change the details of any user-level Collaborator.


From here you can set a Collaborator’s first name, last name, title, and phone number. This information only appears within Matterport Cloud. It is meant to further identify a Collaborator beyond their email address.

Users can change their own email address, but admins cannot change other users' login email address.


From here you can also change a Collaborator’s status between User and Admin.

Finally, you can set the Collaborator’s Default Upload Folder here. This is where all of the new Spaces they create will go when they upload from the Matterport Capture app. This helps Admins better organize their Spaces and coordinate work between many different people who scan.


Delete a Collaborator

Go to the Collaborators page and then the Active tab. Click on the trashcan icon to delete a Collaborator.


Deleting a Collaborator revokes their access to your organization’s account. It does not remove any Spaces or folders that this Collaborator created.

To reactivate a deleted user, go to Deleted Collaborators page. Click the circle arrow to reactivate a user.

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