Preview Model & Modify in Capture

First open the Space Detail Page for the model in Matterport Cloud - we'll be looking at the three annotated sections in the image below. 

Space Detail Page 



Invite: Invite collaborators to work on your model with you. 

Space is Private: Lock and unlock model sharing. 

Share: Get a workable URL (or embed code) for the a model to share it with others. 

More: Transfer the model to another account, copy the model, or delete it altogether.  


Media: View the current model in 3D Showcase mode - switch to Workshop to edit. 

Details: Edit model details, like the address and contact email. 

Impressions: View visits, unique visitors, and overall impressions linked to your model. 

Apps: Publish your model to other platforms including Google Street View and 


Showcase: View the model in Showcase mode and switch to Workshop mode to edit the space. 

Photos: View all snapshots taken of the model. 

Videos: View all videos taken of the model. 

FloorPlan: Download and buy schematic floorplans of the model. 

MatterPak: Download and buy MatterPaks for the model. 

Preview Model & Evaluate

With the media tab selected, choose the showcase section to see your model in 3D Showcase.

This is exactly how your model will appear to your audience, so open it and explore.

  • Make sure everything looks and feels right.
  • Make a list of things you want to change.


Modify in the Capture App if Necessary

Review your list of edits. Some may require you to make modifications in the Matterport Capture app and then upload again. Look at the table below to see if this is necessary.

Make edits in the Capture app first before editing inside Workshop (Start Position, Highlight Reel, etc).

Anytime you make an edit in the Capture app and reupload, an entirely new Matterport model is created. Therefore, to prevent having to do lots of extra rework, make edits in the Capture app first. Learn more.

Reuploads of already processed models (and duplicates of it) are processed for free.

Issue Resolution

Spray (extra 3D data) in the Dollhouse View Holes in the wall in Dollhouse View

Misaligned hallways in Floorplan View.

Navigational issues (such as cannot move through a doorway)

  1. Duplicate your model
  2. Adjust window, mirror, and trim markings
  3. Reupload

Model is incomplete (missing an room, 360º View, or an important viewpoint)

  1. Duplicate your model
  2. Make additional 3D scans of an interior room
  3. Make additional 360º views of an exterior area
  4. Re-upload

3D data in the floorplan or dollhouse view that shouldn’t be there

  1. Duplicate your model
  2. Delete the scan from inside the Matterport Capture app
  3. Reupload

Areas with too many scans, unappealing visuals, or private information can also be hidden in Workshop. No need to delete scans.

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