What if I need to make changes after I upload to Matterport Cloud?

If the model is still on your iPad

Feel free to add, remove, and adjust markings and add/remove 3D scans and 360º Views and then upload again.

Matterport Cloud will process the model and email you when ready.

You can reupload the same model or duplicates thereof multiple times for no additional fee.
If you upload again after modifying, then the scan data will become an entirely new model​. You will then need to repeat any edits such as Mattertag Posts and Snapshots on the newly processed Matterport Space.


If the model is not on the iPad

The processed model will still be in Matterport Cloud.

However you cannot add new scans or make changes to markings. If you need to do these, you will have to scan the space over again and this will be a new model.

Please be careful when deleting models. Learn more.
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