User Generated Content & Languages

What is user generated content?

User generated content is text data about the Matterport Space that you enter during the capture or editing process.

This text data then appears in 3D Showcase along with the 2D panorama imagery and 3D depth data capture by the Matterport Approved Camera.

For example, Space Details, Mattertag™ Posts, and names of Snapshots are all examples of user generated content.

Product Fields
Matterport Capture
(iPad app)
  • Model Name
  • Description
  • Location (Address, City, State)
Matterport Cloud
  • Public Details
  • Name
  • Presented By
  • Location (Address, City, State, Country)
  • Contact details (Name)
Matterport Workshop
  • Room Labels
  • Mattertag™ Posts
  • Title, Details, and Links
  • Measurement Names
  • Snapshot Names


What languages can we input user generated content?

You can input content in Latin-1 languages. This includes most Western European languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

You can also input content in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters.

  • Chinese
    • Traditional & Simplified
  • Japanese
    • Hiragana, Katakana, & Kanji
  • Korean

No matter what language you input user generated content, it will appear correctly in 3D Showcase for your audience to read and consume.

What about the user interface?

Translating the Matterport user interface (help, tooltips, terms of service, etc) is currently only available for 3D Showcase.

To translate the 3D Showcase UI, add the &lang=xx parameter to the end of the URL when you share it.

For example, this example added the &lang=es parameter to show 3D Showcase in Spanish.

Learn more about URL parameters.
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