What's the range of the WiFi connection?

The WiFi connection between the camera and the iPad has a range of about 50 or 60 ft (15 to 18 m) depending on other factors such as interference from other networks.

Generally though, you only need to worry about distance if you want to hide behind a nearby wall and then tell the camera to start scanning. 

Instead, a much easier method is to:

  • Stand behind the camera
  • Tap the scan button on the iPad
  • Walk behind the camera as it rotates

When you use this method, the range of the WiFi network is not a factor.  

If you do happen to take your iPad and wander out of range, just walk back to within range and reconnect to the camera's WiFi network. Learn more.

As a reminder, this WiFi connection is mainly used for two things:

  • Tell the camera to start scanning
  • Transferring data from the camera back to the iPad once a scan is complete
The Matterport Pro and Pro2 3D Camera does not use Bluetooth.
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