Delete a Model from the Capture App

Sometimes you may need to delete old models from the Matterport Capture app to free up space on the iPad.

If you delete a model from your iPad, you CANNOT recover it. If there is a subsequent issue you will have to go back and rescan the space.

Before deleting a model remember to:

  • Mark all windows and mirrors
  • Trim excess for a clean look
  • Scan the entire space as desired
  • Upload to Matterport Cloud for processing
  • Review the Model in Dollhouse and Floorplan View for a clean look
  • Tour the model in 3D Showcase and check for invisible obstacles
  • Tour model completely in Workshop's Mesh View to check window and mirror markings, trim markings, doors that might block movement, and missing areas that might need rescanning.

Deleting a model from the Matterport Capture app deletes the raw scan data for that model. The final processed model is still available in Matterport Cloud for editing and sharing.

Do not delete models until you and your clients are completely happy. Only delete models you’ve uploaded, edited, shared, and your customers are completely happy with. You may need to adjust markings and reupload if there is a navigation error.

To delete a model from your iPad open Matterport Capture and tap Select > (tap the model to delete) > Delete > (confirm) Delete. The app will warn you if the model hasn’t been uploaded yet.

We recommend against relying on iCloud to backup your scan data.

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