Prepare Your Equipment

Gather your materials 

Make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to begin your scan - learn more about this process here

Charge your camera and iPad

  1. Make sure your iPad and Pro or Pro2 3D camera are fully charged. 
    • It takes 4.5 hours to fully charge the Matterport Pro and Pro2 camera. 
    • The Pro2 can scan for eight to 10 hours on a full charge. 
    • To view your current battery level, press the power button on the camera face - the OLED display will tell you how many hours and minutes remain in the charge.
    • If your camera is off but you want to check power levels, click the button below the power button. 
    • If your camera doesn’t have an OLED display, connect to the camera’s WiFi, then check the battery level in the Matterport Capture app.

Check hard drive space on your iOS device

  1. Open your iOS device and tap “Settings”
  2. Tap “General”, then “About”
  3. Tap “Capacity” 
    • This is the total amount of hard drive space on your device.
  4. Tap “Available” 
    • This is the remaining amount of hard drive space on your device. 

How much hard drive space is needed to take Matterport scans? 

For your first model, you only need a few hundred MB of free space on your hard drive - as you continue the scanning process, you will need more and more space per-model. 

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 8 GB of space, minimum - this will allow you to scan large properties while avoiding iPad warnings and associated issues with low hard drive space.

Remember, you can always back up pictures, videos, and apps on your iOS device - once you do that, you can delete nonessential apps to free up space for more scans.


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