2) Prepare your Equipment

Gather your Materials

First gather everything you need to scan. Learn more.


Charge Camera and iPad

Charge your iPad and Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera if they're not fully charged.

It takes 4.5 hours to fully charge the camera. A camera can scan for 8 to 10 hours on a full charge.

To see the current battery level, press the power button to turn the camera on.

Then check the OLED display to see how many hours and minutes are remaining.

You can also press the second button (below the power button) to show the battery level without turning the camera on.

If your camera does not have an OLED display, first connect to the camera’s WiFi. Then open the Matterport Capture app to see the camera’s current battery level.

Check Free Space on iPad

Open Settings on your iPad and see how much free space is left. Learn more.

For your first model, you don't need more than a few hundred MB free space

In the future, we recommend at least 8 GB of free space so you can scan a big property and avoid annoying iPad warnings and issues when space is low.

If you need to, backup your pictures and videos elsewhere and delete nonessential apps. We recommend using this iPad only with the Matterport Camera.

Be careful before you delete models from Matterport Capture.
Learn more about our recommendations for iPad models.
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