How do I use WebVR?

Open Chrome on your smartphone.

Open a Matterport Space in 3D Showcase. Tap the VR button on the bottom-right.

Try a Space in the Matterport Gallery!

If you meet the requirements for WebVR you’ll see an image of the Daydream View.

Tap the ENTER VR button.

If you don’t meet the requirements you’ll be prompted to choose between Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR.

You may need to set up Daydream View with your phone if you haven’t already.

Place your phone into the Daydream headset. You’ll hear a chime when it successfully connects.

Wear the headset. Tighten the strap so it is stable and comfortable on your head.

If you frequently take the headset on and off, then keep the strap loose and use one hand to hold up the headset.


Hold the controller and point forward. 

Press and hold the home button (O button) to sync the controller.

Tie the controller around your hand so you don’t accidentally throw it.

You’re now inside the Matterport VR Space!

Move your head to look around. Look left, right, up, down and even behind you!


The white “ray” points in the same direction as the Daydream controller.

Point the ray (move the controller) so it is over a blue circle. The blue circle will turn green.

Tap the touchscreen button to move there and continue exploring.

When you’re ready to exit VR, take off the headset and remove the phone.


You’ll see the Matterport VR Space in convex (“fishbowl”) view.

Tap the X in the top-left corner to exit VR mode.

You’ll return to the Matterport Space in 3D Showcase.

Keep exploring in 3D Showcase if you want!

When you’re done, close the browser tab on your phone. This avoids future connection issues with the controller.

More tips for viewing a VR Space

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