What is WebVR and what do I need for it?

What is WebVR?

WebVR is an industry-standard API for you to stream virtual reality content through your phone's web browser. With WebVR you can open a Matterport Space on your web browser, tap the VR button, insert into your headset, and enjoy.


No need to download a separate app to enjoy a Matterport VR Space.

Visit this article on your smartphone and try it now:


What do I need for WebVR?


VR headset


Smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer


Chrome Web Browser

  • Version 58 or newer
  • Type chrome://version in search bar to see your current version.

Active Internet Connection

  • Use a WiFi connection if possible to avoid large data downloads.
  • WebVR is only for streaming VR content while online. To view VR Spaces offline, use the Matterport VR app.

Daydream App

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