Why am I not receiving scan service leads?

A major benefit to joining the Matterport Service Partner (MSP) program is that Matterport matches services requests we receive with local MSPs.

However, your lead volume can vary for many reasons. If you aren’t receiving any leads it can be because:

  1. Matterport has not received any inbound leads for your area. This can be for a variety of reasons. Demand can be seasonal or can just be low in your area.
  2. Dense urban areas tend to request scan services more often than rural or suburban areas.
  3. Other MSPs were closer to the lead.
  4. Leads did not want a direct introduction, and instead opted to choose and contact an MSP on their own.
  5. Your contact information has changed since becoming an MSP. Login to msp.matterport.com and update your contact information.

Local leads seeking Matterport scanning services is a benefit from the MSP program, but is not the only way for you to generate business.

We've created lots of great marketing resources for you to sell and market Matterport on your own. Download them from the MSP Member Portal.

Learn more about how we route scan service requests.

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