How do I get repeat business?

The best business is repeat business. Repeat business is also the best way to spread word-of-mouth about what you can do.

Therefore it’s important to follow up after completing a job. Here’s some tips to help you establish a great customer relationship:

  1. Send an email or survey to make sure you matched your customer's expectations. Ask questions like:
    1. How did you hear about us?
    2. Were you satisfied with the timing, service, and finished quality?
    3. How likely are you to recommend to a friend?
  2. Ask for testimonials such as quotes and customer logos to use in your marketing. For example, here are some real estate quotes about Matterport that you can share as well!

Create a case study. A case study is just a longer testimonial about the length of a blog post or a white paper. Tell a story about your experience with the customer and how it was great for both of you. Case studies are a great way for you to establish your brand and sell to new customers.

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